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Why is there Pizza between the Feet?

If you are a ballet dancer, you've probably heard "tighter fifth" before. If you are not a ballet dancer, you are probably wondering what that means. What it means is "please rotate your knees at least 45 degrees to achieve a contrived aesthetic." Rotating your knees is a lot of fun, as much fun as rotating a door would be for its hinge.

As a ballet teacher searching for good resources for my students during a quarantine break, it's been rough. I usually make it 30 seconds into a video before I can tell that the person teaching does not understand how the human body works, and therefore do not feel comfortable sharing. The teacher gives a sweet intro, explains that this is a ballet class, then stands in first position and bends her knees, and that's enough. Are you tired of seeing this? Because I am. That's why we are showing off our "pizza slice fifths" here.

If you turn out your fifth position from your hip and relax your knees and feet, the odds are you'll be able to fit some pizza between your feet, whether it's a lot or a little. But once we get honest about our fifths, we'll be gifted with happier knees, better balance, more control, stronger extension, and a better relationship with our body. I know a lot of people don't share our love of pizza between your feet, and that's exactly why this company exists; dancers deserve a place where they can be treated well.

If you are a dance educator working for healthier students, thank you for making a positive change. If you are a dancer standing strong in your rights, thank you for putting up a fight. We are excited to see what the dance world can become.

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