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We've spent so long trying to bring people to ballet. Let's bring ballet to people. Let's put real people in real places.

Ballet Nocturne's first priority is inclusion. We firmly believe that ballet should not belong to the few. Ballet has always been about strength and grace, qualities that audiences have loved for hundreds of years. People are inspired by the grace of the heroines and the strength of their vulnerability and triumphs. They want to watch her be joyful because real people are joyful. They want to watch her break because real people break. They want to watch her forgive because real people forgive.


Audiences want to see a human, and humans don't all look the same. Humans walk into a room conscious of their differences, and humans notice when no one else looks like them. Humans feel uncomfortable, excited, unique, afraid, alone, and united by difference, but we know we need it. And we want to see it, especially at this time in history. We want to see it in our art and our media, on our screens, in our lives, and on our stages. Let's make a space in ballet for difference.


Founded in 2019, we are taking the opportunity of a brand new decade to usher in brand new ideas about ballet:

  • ballet can belong to people of all body types

  • ballet dancers can take care of their bodies and be dedicated, talented dancers (in fact, we would argue taking care of your instrument even IMPROVES dancing)

  • ballet can take place anywhere

And we mean anywhere. While we love the stage as well, find us at vineyards, parks, and farms across Harford and Baltimore.

Our long term goals:

  • to pay a group of full time dancers

  • supply health insurance

  • perform up and down the east coast

  • full length original ballets

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