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Technique Class Videos
Technique Class Videos

Built for small spaces, easy to modify for a range of levels. 

Ballet Fundamentals

A basic ballet class designed for ages 8-12, but useful for anyone who loves nitty gritty work or wants to repair their structure. Given with written instructions and corrections.

Center Barre

Intermediate to advanced center barre for stability and balance. Given with verbal instruction and correction from instructor.


A set of simple but challenging pointe exercises designed to maintain and improve basic elements of more advanced work. Given with written instruction and corrections.


A set of simple exercises designed to improve strength, stability and dexterity. Given with written instruction and corrections.

Improv Journaling
Improv Journaling

Get that cool movement out of your brain and into your body, and take notes about the process.

Gesture and Storytelling

Exercises to analyze movement with a focus on carrying emotions and stories from a genuine source, with journal questions to keep track of your process.

Creepy Images

Exercises to help movers conjure creepy images and analyze what the movement is reminiscent of. "Creepy" can be replaced with another mood if you don't have a soft spot for creepy things.

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