Terms and Conditions:

Ballet Nocturne, instructors, and guest instructors are not responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during zoom classes and events. Children should be monitored throughout class/event, as the ability of a teacher to monitor participants during virtual classes is minimal due to the nature of virtual learning.


Refunds will not be given for technical difficulties or inclement weather. In the event that the teacher cannot hold class, every effort will be made to hold a make-up class, and students will be given the option to take other classes as make-ups. If students cannot attend due to technical difficulties, illness, or conflicts, they will be given the option to make up the class(es) in another class.

Any participant, student, or guardian who commits physically or verbally inappropriate, unlawful, or hurtful actions (as determined by the instructor) will be dismissed from classes/events with no refund. 

All virtual classes and events will be recorded for safety reasons and reference. Recordings of participants who do not agree to photo release will be edited such that the participant will not appear in the image prior to sharing.

All virtual participants are required to turn cameras on at least once at the beginning of the event or class to demonstrate that participants are who they claim to be. If participants fail to turn camera on, they may be removed from the virtual event.

Photo Release:

All virtual classes and events will be recorded. By clicking the photo release box, you agree photos and videos of the registered student may appear on Ballet Nocturne's social media, website, or advertising, or be sent to students and guardians.

If you do not check the photo release box, the recording and any images of the student will not be used for advertising, posted on social media, sent to other students and guardians, or posted on our website.