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Our Virtual Promise

We believe ballet is essential, but in-studio ballet is not at the moment. At this time in history, and for this company, the choice to stay virtual is a matter of adapting, and we are willing to adapt. We are promising to connect through dance online for as long as it is necessary to keep our at risk dancers and friends safe. Our classes, performances, and other events are going to be 100% virtual for the rest of 2020, and after if necessary.

We are not only promising to stay virtual, we are also promising to do our best to make virtual experiences as meaningful as they can be. This means providing opportunities for dancers to communicate with friends through games in our Petite Classes, and team activities and discussions in our classes for older children and teens. It also means taking initiative as teachers to be aware of technical issues that can hide easier on camera by requiring students to change camera and body angles regularly. And as always, our instructors will encourage and create space for independent thinking (which has never been more important for dancers) by requiring verbal responses and journaling about our improvement processes. Virtual classes are not something we "get through," they are a unique opportunity to focus on the most important and fundamental aspects of our technique, and we will treat them as such.

Looking forward to another great session of virtual classes.

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