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Walk of Haunts 2023 Dancer Info

Welcome to another wonderful year of Walk of Haunts! We are excited to have you on board, and can't wait to get started! 

This page will be here for reference for the entire rehearsal process. Any important information will be posted on this page. All updates and changes to the page will also be sent out via email.

BDA - Bel Air Dance Academy
WFW - Wishing Star Farm and Wellness
Google Meet Link:

Wednesday                  Friday                                         Saturday

Sept 13 6-8 Google Meet                                                     Sept 16 10-12 Google Meet

Sept 20 6-8 Google Meet                                                    Sept 23 10:30-12:30 BDA

Sept 27 4-6 BDA                                                               Sept 30 8:00-10:00 BDA

Oct 4 4-6  BDA                                                                 Oct 7 9:00-10:00 Google Meet

Oct 11 4-6 BDA

Oct 18 4-6 BDA             Oct 20 Dress Rehearsal 6-9 WFW    Oct 21 5:00 call WFW

Choreo Videos
Choreography Videos

Barn Dancers - Explanation

1. Rest, get water/snacks, converse while no guests present

2. When guide appears from behind the house, begin Repetitious Phrase:

  • 4 counts to slowly get into photo pose

  • Switch to new photo pose and hold 4 counts

  • 4 counts to soutenu arabesque and suspend

  • Switch to eye pose and hold 4 counts

3. Repeat repetitious phrase, it's okay if you're not all exactly together immediately but the goal is to be in perfect unison as quickly as we can​

4. When guide circles their candle, finish up the set of the Repetitious Phrase you are on by doing the last eye pose facing left in parallel plie, then begin Phrase 1 into Phrase 2 with Becca and Logan running and lunging with the reach

5. After the reach, slowly walk toward guests menacingly until guides lead them away.

6. Rest again until you see the guide come around the house with a candle.

Costume Needs
Costume Needs and Day of Info

Barn Dancers: boots, warm tight fitting clothing that matches tutu (can be provided if needed), boots or sneakers that match costume

Guides: Black warm and tight fitting pants and top, black boots

Scarers: Warm dark clothing and boots

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