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- Mystery at the Vineyard -
Saturday, June 22, 7:00 & 9:00 PM
Mount Felix Winery, Havre de Grace, MD


We are looking for dancers and rehearsal directors to take part in our third annual Mystery at the Vineyard performance at Mt. Felix Winery!


Choreo Vocabulary: Ballet with acting elements

Ages: Adults and Teens (13+) 

Pay: All dancers 18+ receive compensation

Time Commitment (Main Characters): 0-2 Rehearsals/week

Time Commitment (Side Characters): Only needed at dress rehearsal and performance

Rehearsal Start Date: Week of May 5

Rehearsal Schedule: Based on dancer availability

Rehearsal Location: based on dancer locations

How roles are determined: Dancers choose

How to Join: Fill out Commitment Form below by April 28


Experience Required: Previous ballet teaching experience

Pay: Hourly rate

Time Commitment: Based on availability

How to express interest: Fill out Performer Commitment Form below by April 28 and check the box that states "I am interested in being a rehearsal director." 


Seeking adult and teen (13+) dancers with ballet training.

Dancers must be comfortable with improv and learning choreography.

We are also seeking rehearsal directors ages 18+ with ballet and improv training and experience teaching dance. 


In order to perform in Mystery at the Vineyard, dancers must fill out the performer commitment form by April 28th.

If interested in rehearsal directing, please fill out the performer commitment form and check the box stating you are interested in being a rehearsal director. Rehearsal directors are able to but not required to perform.


Dancers over the age of 18 receive a stipend for the performance based on the time put in. Contracts will be discussed and signed prior to the first rehearsal.

All dancers receive a ballet barre at the start of each rehearsal at no additional cost. Over the course of the rehearsals, that would typically be considered $140 worth of ballet classes.


Rehearsals will be twice weekly: 1 in-person and 1 virtual. Not all main characters will be called for each rehearsal. Dancers will give their availability and preferred location when filling out the performer commitment form. The weekly rehearsal schedule will be based off of this information and the story. Every effort will be made to accommodate the needs of the dancers, but not all requests will feasibly be able to be honored. All rehearsals will take place in dance studios or spacious multipurpose spaces with the exception of the dress rehearsal, which will be outdoors to mimic the performance as closely as possible. The dress rehearsal will take place on Friday, June 21st at 5:00 PM in a location central to the cast.


***different this year!***

There will be 2 performances in the evening, each running 1.5 hrs. Dancers will have a 30 min break between. Each performance will begin and end with a 10-20 minute introduction and finale that provide story elements and will be more analogous to a stage production with a set, choreography, music, etc. The time in between will be spent roaming the vineyard grounds in character. Dancers are encouraged to incorporate improvisational dancing into this portion of the show, and guests will be able to communicate with dancers in order to obtain clues to solve the mystery.


This year, Emily Lawrenson has been murdered, and at her own party! All characters must have some reason to be suspected of this crime and be tied to it in some way. (Credits for character of Emily Lawrenson go to Abigail Lambert.)


Dancers will have the option to create their own suspicious characters with as much or as little detail as they would like to provide, or have a character assigned. The character description must be provided on the performer commitment form in order to be incorporated into the story. If you have any preferences about your character at all, please make sure they are included on the audition form.


Families of dancers under 18 are encouraged to donate a performance fee of $75 to help cover the cost of studio rentals, costumes, and other performance related costs so that we may continue to provide a quality experience for all dancers and offer more opportunities in the future. This fee is optional, and no penalties will be incurred for families who cannot pay the fee, as our number one goal is keeping dance accessible. 

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