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Call for Dancers/Rehearsal Directors:
- Mystery at the Vineyard -
Saturday, June 24th, 8:00-10:00 PM (6:00 Call Time)
Mount Felix Winery, Havre de Grace, MD


Performer Commitment Form is due Sunday, April 23rd

Not-ditions will be held Friday, April 28th at 7:00


Seeking adult and teen dancers ages 12+ with ballet training.

Dancers must be comfortable with improv and learning choreography.

We are also seeking PAID rehearsal directors ages 18+ with ballet and improv training and experience teaching dance. 


In order to commit to perform in Mystery at the Vineyard, dancers must

1. Fill out the performer commitment form by Sunday, April 23rd

2. Attend the "not-dition" on Friday, April 28, either in person, or virtually.

If interested in rehearsal directing, please fill out the performer commitment form and check the box stating you are interested in being a rehearsal director. Rehearsal directors are able to but not required to perform.


***different this year!***

Rehearsals will be weekly and in-person. Dancers will give their availability and preferred location when filling out the performer commitment form. The weekly rehearsal schedule will be based off of this information and the story. Every effort will be made to accommodate the needs of the dancers, but not all requests will feasibly be able to be honored. All rehearsals will take place in dance studios or spacious multipurpose spaces with the exception of the dress rehearsal, which will be outdoors to mimic the performance as closely as possible. The dress rehearsal will take place on Saturday, June 17th at 2:00 PM in a location central to the cast.


***different this year!***

The 2 hr performance will begin and end with a 20-30 minute introduction and finale that provide story elements and will be more analogous to a stage production with a set, choreography, music, etc. The time in between will be spent roaming the vineyard grounds in character. Dancers are encouraged to incorporate improvisational dancing into this portion of the show, and guests will be able to communicate with dancers in order to obtain clues to solve the mystery.


This year, some very valuable jewels have gone missing which belonged to a local millionaress! All characters must have some reason to be suspected of this crime and be tied to it in some way.


Dancers will have the option to create their own suspicious characters with as much or as little detail as they would like to provide, or have a character assigned. The character description must be provided on the performer commitment form in order to be incorporated into the story. Characters will be assigned or fleshed out at the "not-dition." The "not-dition" is ***mandatory*** for all dancers, regardless of whether they have created their own character or not.


At Ballet Nocturne, we do our best to prevent dancers from being type-casted, excluded, or pressured to play a role that makes them uncomfortable. Part of that practice is NOT holding auditions where a board of superiors sits at a table and judges dancers as they struggle to understand how to be good enough. 

At our "not-dition," dancers will hear how the story fits together and decide which phrases of the choreographed portion of the performance they would like to dance in after having the opportunity to learn each one.


This year, we have a rain plan in place that does not require the weather to be predicted accurately! If it rains, two smaller indoor performances will take place instead of one large one outdoors. This call will be made if bad weather arises at any time leading up to the performance.

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