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Walk of Haunts
Oct 23   8-10 PM
Wishing Star Farm and Wellness
in Glen Arm, MD

A ghost has escaped our haunted grounds and we need help bringing them back! Walk through a terrifying path lit only by your flashlight and deduce which of the spooky ghosts is missing so they can be summoned back... if you dare!

Prepare to jump out of your shoes as you shine your light on a ghost where you least expect it, and watch their balletic dance to solve the mystery.

Walk of Haunts is a walk-through dance performance and haunted attraction hybrid where all ghosts are played by trained ballet and modern dancers.

It will be at Wishing Star Farm and Wellness in Glen Arm, MD for one night only on October 23rd, open from 8:00 - 10:00 PM.

Tickets are limited, get them before they're gone!



$20/person for groups of 3+


Ticket includes access to vendor and refreshments area (which means free candy) and admission to the haunted walkway (approximately a 6-10 minute walk). 

Long wait times may occur for haunted walkway.

Be prepared to walk on farm ground with grass and dirt.

Please be aware that some material at Walk of Haunts may not be suitable for young children. While we are dedicated to provide you with a spooky event free from blood, violence, and gore, discretion is advised.

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This event takes place at Wishing Star Farm and Wellness, a facility dedicated to positivity and well-being.